Call for articles: The New Strategist

Call for articles

New Strategist Journal (NSJ)

Dr Robert Johnson, Editor

The New Strategist Journal is interested in strategic thinking and thinking about strategy, but it is not limited only to debates about theory and decision-making. Instead, it spans a wide field of view. It aims to combine cutting-edge theoretical advances in defence and security theory with recent findings in empirical and practitioner-focused research. The New Strategist Journal encourages innovative analyses across disciplinary boundaries that challenge conventional approaches and promotes critical and creative thinking.

The New Strategist Journal welcomes submissions from academics and policymakers across all disciplines including international relations, political science, military history, strategic studies, political sociology, political economy, anthropology, organisational and management studies, and all fields related to international affairs, security and policy. The New Strategist Journal aspires to be a forum for ‘disruptive’ thinking, critique, challenge, and innovation and therefore inter-disciplinary submissions are particularly welcome.

We invite submissions for the New Strategist Journal for 2016-2017 on the following themes:

  1. Strategies to address, ameliorate or resolve persistent conflict (based on any country or region)
  2. Strategic analysis, thinking and techniques for an information age
  3. Strategies of deterrence or denial in a changing geo-strategic landscape

Deadline for submissions: noon, 10 December 2016

The NSJ has been re-launched in 2016 as an entirely independent publication.