Oxford Research Fellow Wins Prestigous Smith Richardson Fellowship to Study Baltic Defence

The Changing Character of War Programme, University of Oxford, is delighted to announce that its Research Fellow Dr. Lukas Milevski has won a Smith Richardson Strategy and Policy Fellowship of $60,000 to research and write a book on contemporary Baltic defence from a strategic perspective.
His proposal focuses on the Baltic not only as a possible target for aggression from a resurgent Russia, but also as the nexus of larger strategy and policy questions touching on NATO’s future, the character of the Russian threat, and the effects of the interaction inherent in West-Russia relations to both sides.  The resulting publication aims to provide a basis of geopolitical, historical, and strategic insight towards regional understanding for policy analysts beyond the Baltic States, while relating this understanding to one of the most pressing transatlantic defence policy debates in recent years.
At least three Smith Richardson Strategy and Policy Fellowships are awarded in an annual grant competition for U.S. citizens who are recent PhD graduates, to author a book on policy questions of current interest to the United States.  A US-Latvia dual citizen, Lukas Milevski received his PhD in December 2014 from the University of Reading under leading Anglo-American strategist Colin S. Gray.
Lukas Milevski commented: “I look forward to a very intensive year of research and fieldwork and thank the Smith Richardson Foundation for this opportunity to shed light on a region which has received too little serious analysis.  And I particularly look forward to meeting and consulting new colleagues from all three Baltic countries.”
The Changing Character of War Programme, University of Oxford, is devoted to the interdisciplinary study of war and armed conflict. 
The mission of the Smith Richardson Foundation is to contribute to important public debates and to address serious public policy challenges facing the United States.