Major-General P.M. Nakasone speaking at the CCW on the 10th November.

The Changing Character of War programme was very pleased to host a visit to the University of Oxford by Major General P. M. Nakasone, Commander of the United States Cyber National Mission Force, an element of United States Cyber Command. During his time in Oxford the General participated in a round table discussion involving academics and students with an interest in cyber issues drawn from across a variety of disciplines, before presenting to a well-attended audience in the Pichette Lecture Theatre, Pembroke College on the Challenges of Operaing in the Cyber Domain: An American Perspective. Each event generated much discussion surrounding the threats and risks arising from the cyber domain and their increasing impact across all areas of human activity, stretching from the individual to the state. Several common themes emerged in both sessions including the importance of partnerships between states and between the public and private sectors in dealing with cyber security, the need for clear messaging concerning the security challenges that emanate from cyberspace, overcoming the problems of recruiting and retaining individuals who possess cyber skills into the military and the need for informed involvement of policy makers at all levels.