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Conflict Research Society Annual Conference 2017: ENDING VIOLENCE IN TURBULENT TIMES: Exploring the Conflict, Peace and Violence Nexus

  • Pembroke College, Oxford St Aldate's Oxford OX1 1DW United Kingdom (map)



Annual Conference, 2017

Exploring the Conflict, Peace and Violence Nexus

Changing Character of War Programme
Pembroke College
University of Oxford
September 18-19, 2017

The annual conference of the Conflict Research Society (CRS) will be hosted by the Changing Character of War programme at Pembroke College, University of Oxford on 18-19 September, 2017. We invite you register for the conference.

The conference theme is Ending Violence In Turbulent Times. We therefore have a number of paper and panel presentations that discuss the mechanisms underlying the onset, continuation and resolution of all forms of violence, from interpersonal, to criminal, to large-scale organised war. The conference seeks to generate debate and relationships between scholars and practitioners interested in key issues surrounding the dynamics of violent political conflict, dialogue, diplomacy and peacebuilding. The conference will continue its tradition of multi-disciplinary focus and is open to the full range of quantitative and qualitative methodological approaches to the subject.

The CRS is a multidisciplinary organisation of peace and conflict researchers and practitioners. The annual conference provides an opportunity for those involved in peace and conflict studies to present cutting edge research and to interact with those involved in conflict resolution, peacemaking and peacebuilding activities in the field. Each year the conference attracts around 100 academics and practitioners from the UK, Europe and further afield.

The Changing Character of War Programme (CCW) is devoted to the interdisciplinary study of war and armed conflict. It is a successful, policy-relevant research programme based in Pembroke College, University of Oxford, and enjoying global influence and international partnerships. Directed by Dr Robert Johnson and Dr Annette Idler, with a Programme Committee chaired by Professor Dominic Johnson and a large number of Research Associates, CCW is unique in its delivery of high-quality, high-impact research, combined with practice, policy and advisory engagement. The CRS is delighted to be working with CCW on this years conference.

This year’s keynote speaker will be Professor Lars-Erik Cedermann, Professor of International Conflict Research at the ETH, Zurich.  We also have a keynote panel of eminent Oxford academics including : Professor Sir Adam Roberts, Professor Richard Caplan, Dr Anke Hoeffler and Dr Andrea Ruggeri, on the theme: Civil resistance, violent conflict and post-conflict reconstruction. There will also be panels on themes including  Interventions for Protecting Civilians in Armed Conflict and Political Dimensions of Peacekeeping and Domestic Security.

The winner of the Conflict Research Society Book Prize will be announced in the near future. In recent years the book prize winners have included Steven Pinker for The Better Angels of Our Nature, Kathleen Cunningham for Inside the Politics of Self-Determination, Joshua Goldstein for Winning the War on War: The Decline of Armed Conflict Worldwide, Kevin Avruch for Context and Pretext in Conflict Resolution and Kristin M. Bakke for Decentralisation and Intrastate Struggles: Chechnya, Punjab, and Québec.