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War or Peace? Changing the Paradigm

  • The Nissan Auditorium St. Anthony's College, Oxford (map)

The Theatre of Transformation Academy has confirmed its event on May 2nd at St. Anthony's College, Oxford, hosted by The Changing Character of War Centre (CCW), The Oxford Centre for International Studies (CIS) and The Centre for the Resolution of Intractable Conflict (CRIC). The event will feature a variety of exciting speakers, including renowned peace artist, William Kelly,  Lord Alderdice, Dr Annette Idler, Dr Rama Mani, and will be chaired by Professor Kalypso Nicolaidis. 

The event will provide a creative and interactive platform for attendees to engage with the mediums of image, testimony and dialogue, and will be the first collaborative event of the 'Enacting Global Transformation' initiative, whose purpose is to bring together diverse Centres and converge different creative and paradigm-shifting approaches and perspectives on war and peace, and global governance. 

The format is as follows:

- An artistic dialogue between William Kelly and Dr. Rama Mani, regarding his artworks and her enacted ‘testimonies of transformation’ on par and peace. 

- A talking tour by William Kelly of some of his art works and their paradigm shifting impact in different conflict zones like Guernica, South Africa & Tianenmen Square. 

- Lord Alderdice speaking on his personal engagement in war and peacemaking as a psychiatrist, politician, peace negotiator & parliamentarian. 

- An interactive and creative dialogue with the audience moderated by Professor Kalypso Nicolaidis.