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Intra-Alliance Diplomacy and the 2016 NATO Warsaw Summit: The Goals and Tactics of European Allies

  • Pembroke College Oxford OX1 1DW (map)

The Changing Character of War Centre &  The Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Japan, present:

Intra-Alliance Diplomacy and the 2016 NATO Warsaw Summit: The Goals and Tactics of European Allies

Conference Venue: Harold Lee Room, Pembroke College, Oxford
All welcome. Registration necessary.

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At the NATO Warsaw Summit in July 2016, the Alliance decided to strengthen its deterrence and defence posture on its Eastern Flank, most notably by establishing an ‘enhanced forward presence’ in the Baltic States and Poland, as well as by reinforcing its presence in the Black Sea region. These decisions, taken more than two years after the Russian annexation of Crimea, and following the ‘reassurance’ measures agreed at the 2014 Wales Summit, reflect a significant shift in NATO’s priorities. However, within the Alliance, the period leading up to the Warsaw Summit was fraught with internal disagreements about the nature of the Russian threat and the most appropriate means to deal with it. The Summit outcome thus reflected significant compromise among Alliance members, often with conflicting interests, rather than representing an ‘ideal’ approach to deterrence. This workshop will focus on highlighting the policy goals of five European NATO member states (the UK, France, Germany, Poland and Romania), examine the tactics they employed to influence Alliance policy during the lead-up to the Summit, and evaluate their level of success or failure.


9.30-10.00:    Registration

10.00-10.05:  Opening Remarks
                      Dr Robert Johnson, Director, CCW                                                                     

10.05-10.20:  Keynote Speech
                      Dr Jeffrey Michaels, Visiting Fellow, CCW

10.20-10.50:  Introductory Session                                          
                      Objective and Framework of this Project
                      Dr Naomi Konda, Research Fellow, the SPF

              Small States and Influence
              Professor Isabelle Duyvesteyn, Leiden University              

              U.S. Policy and the Warsaw Summit
              Tsuneo Watanabe, Senior Research Fellow, the SPF                     

11.05-12.45:   The United Kingdom and France
                      Chair: Dr Rob Johnson   

              Dr Joseph Devanny, Ridgeway Information LTD

              Dr Yuichi Hosoya, Keio University                                

              Dr Chihaya Kokubo, University of Shizuoka

              Dr Thomas Flichy de la Neuville, Saint-Cyr

12.45-14.00:  Lunch Break (Main Dining Hall, Pembroke)                        

14.00-15.00:  Germany
                     Chair: Dr Shigeo Mutsushika, University of Shizuoka

             Dr Yuichi Morii, University of Tokyo

             Frederic Ischebeck-Baum, King's College London

15.00-15.30:  Coffee Break                                                                 

15.30-16.50:  Poland and Romania
                     Chair: Dr. Naomi Konda, SPF

             Dr Lukas Milevski, Leiden University

             Dr Shigeo Mutsushika, University of Shizuoka

             Dr Samir Puri, King's College London

16.50-17.00:  Concluding Remarks
Dr Jeffrey Michaels

17.15-18.30:   Drinks Reception
                      Speech by Sir Lawrence Freedman: ‘Influencing US Foreign Policy’

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