War with NATO: Essence of a Russian Decision by Dr Jeffrey Michaels


Dr Jeffrey H. Michaels

The principal question I will be addressing is:  how should we think about the prospect of Russian military aggression against NATO? It is essential to have a clearer idea of the characteristics of a Russian decision to initiate military aggression against NATO. The approach taken here is unorthodox in that it avoids direct engagement with mainstream political science works dealing with the related subjects of war initiation, deterrence, the role of alliances, the waning of major war, nor does it directly engage with the literature on competing theories of International Relations. Though I will draw on some of this literature, and make a few indirect references to it, the principal aim is to narrow the focus from that of general theory towards understanding how certain issues may present themselves in this specific context.

Dr Jeffrey H. Michaels is a Senior Lecturer at Defence Studies Department, King’s College London. Dr. Michaels was a Visiting Fellow at CCW from September 2016 to July 2017.