CCW welcomes applications from outstanding individuals for its long-running and successful Visiting Fellowship Programme. Visiting Research Fellows (VRFs) are members of the CCW Programme for one academic year or less. While not enrolled on a formal degree course, and as such do not gain any recognised qualification from the university, they engage with one or more of the Programme’s research themes and receive individual support to do so. The subject of their research is submitted as a proposal to the Steering Committee. The VRF then works on this specific project during their time in Oxford, and is able to meet with academics working in related fields and to attend CCW events. They also have the opportunity to have a paper, reviewed by other members of the Programme. Further details can be found in the Visiting Fellowship Programme Information booklet that can be downloaded here

We are particularly interested in seeing applications to conduct individual items of research in the following areas:

  • Combined Effects Operations
  • Strategic Thinking, Planning and Appreciation
  • Civil-Military Relations
  • Cyber operations; integrated cyber with other lines of operation
  • Future violent non-state actors and their likely modus operandi
  • Metrics for operational effect
  • Economic considerations in making strategy
  • Psychological operations
  • Ethical considerations in the battlespace
  • The value and vulnerability of small formations
  • Staff work and headquarters for 21st century warfare
  • Future A2AD
  • Carrier operations in A2AD environments
  • War in global and democratised media
  • Chinese military and naval modernisation
  • Israeli counter insurgency

In some cases funding may be available. As a guide, we seek 6,000 to 9,000 word articles. These should be in MS Word, spaced 1.5, in Times New Roman Font 11 pt. Referencing should be in the Oxford style. The article is to be accompanied by an abstract of 100 words and 3-5 key words. The article should be presented with title, author’s title, name and affiliation.

We normally have between six and ten VRFs each term. In general they are either senior academics taking a Sabbatical from their own institution, or practitioners, including senior members of the armed forces, international organisations and NGOs, journalists, civil servants, and diplomatic staff. Previous visiting fellows have included:

  • Professor Janne Haaland Matlary (Oslo)
  • Professor Keith Krause (Geneva)
  • Professor Bruce Hoffman (Georgetown)
  • Professor Audrey Cronin (George Mason)
  • Professor Agustin Guimera (CSIC, Madrid)
  • Professor Daniel Marston (ANU, Australia)
  • General Sir Nick Parker KCB CBE
  • Commander Tracy Vincent (US Navy)
  • Captain William Combes (US Navy)
  • AVM Edward Stringer (RAF)
  • Mitsuko Hayashi (Japanese Embassy)
  • Emma Sky, OBE (Yale)

During their time in Oxford, most of our Visiting Research Fellows have an association with Pembroke College. Here they have the opportunity to mix with the Fellows of the College in the beautiful, fifteenth-century Broadgates Hall. Founded in 1624, Pembroke counts Samuel Johnson, Sir William Blackstone, and James Smithson among its alumni. More recent distinguished members include Michael Heseltine, former Deputy Prime Minister, and in the USA, Senators Fulbright and Lugar, to name but a few.

Applying for a Visiting Research Fellowship

Further information on Visiting Research Fellowships and the application procedure is available  here or from the Programme Administrator,