The New Strategist is a collaborative journal between the CCW Programme and the UK MOD's Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre. The journal aims to acquaint readers with excellent and innovative multi- and inter-disciplinary scholarship in strategic studies that address the pressing concerns of strategic leaders in the fields of defence and security. The journal does not present or reflect UK Ministry of Defence policy, opinions or beliefs: every article independently stands or falls on its intellectual merit.

The New Strategist is interested in strategic thinking and thinking about strategy. It aims to combine cutting-edge theoretical advances in defence and security theory with recent findings in empirical and practitioner-focused research.

The New Strategist encourages innovative analyses across disciplinary boundaries that challenge conventional approaches and promotes critical and creative thinking in matters of defence and security.

The New Strategist welcomes submissions from academics and policymakers across the arts, humanities, and social sciences and including such disciplines as international relations, political science, military history, strategic studies, political sociology, political economy, anthropology, organisational and management studies, and political theory.

The New Strategist is a forum for controversy, critique, challenge, and innovation in the spirit of speaking truth to power.

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Soft Power in Theory and Practice
Graeme P. Auton and Robert J. Jackson

Making Sense of Strategy’s Relational Nature
Lukas Milevski

Fighting Complexity With Complexity: Recognising the New Science in NSS
William Rushworth

Uncertainty in National Security Strategy: ‘What the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street could teach the old men of Whitehall.’
James Sladden

Education and the General: Educating Military Executives
Randall Wakelam

Space Security and Strategic Stability
Jing Zhong


Collateral Damage, Covert Operations and American Exceptionalism: An Interview with Chris Woods
Roderick McKenzie

Drones and the RAF: An Interview with Sqn Ldr Keith Dear
James Fergus Rosie

On the Ethics of Drone Strikes, Optimism and Obscuring Language: A Conversation with an Anonymous Academic
Christiana Spens


Ramsay, Gilbert (2013), Jihadi Culture on the World Wide Web (Bloomsbury: New York)
Roderick McKenzie

Gary J. Bass (2014), The Blood Telegram: Nixon, Kissinger and a Forgotten Genocide (Hurst & Co: London)
Christiana Spens