The New Strategist is a collaborative journal between the CCW Programme and the UK MOD's Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre. The journal aims to acquaint readers with excellent and innovative multi- and inter-disciplinary scholarship in strategic studies that address the pressing concerns of strategic leaders in the fields of defence and security. The journal does not present or reflect UK Ministry of Defence policy, opinions or beliefs: every article independently stands or falls on its intellectual merit.

The New Strategist is interested in strategic thinking and thinking about strategy. It aims to combine cutting-edge theoretical advances in defence and security theory with recent findings in empirical and practitioner-focused research.

The New Strategist encourages innovative analyses across disciplinary boundaries that challenge conventional approaches and promotes critical and creative thinking in matters of defence and security.

The New Strategist welcomes submissions from academics and policymakers across the arts, humanities, and social sciences and including such disciplines as international relations, political science, military history, strategic studies, political sociology, political economy, anthropology, organisational and management studies, and political theory.

The New Strategist is a forum for controversy, critique, challenge, and innovation in the spirit of speaking truth to power.

Editorial Board


  • Dr Robert Johnson, University of Oxford, robert.johnson[@]
  • O W Lewis, UK Ministry of Defence, oliver.lewis[@]

Assistant Editors

  • Christiana Spens, University of St Andrews, cscs2[@]

Editorial Board

  • Dr Tarak Barkawi, London School of Economics
  • Prof John Baylis, Swansea University
  • Dr Huw Bennett, Aberystwyth University
  • Dr Sergio Catignani, University of Exeter
  • Sir Edward Clay, International Alert
  • Prof Michael W Doyle, Columbia University
  • Dr Charlotte Epstein, University of Sydney
  • Prof Theo Farrell, King’s College London
  • Dr Stacey Gutowski, King’s College London
  • Prof Thomas G Mahnken, US Naval War College
  • Prof Joe Maiolo, King’s College London
  • Jessica Mulley, UK House of Commons
  • Dr Patricia Owens, University of Sussex
  • Dr Stefano Recchia, University of Cambridge
  • Sir Peter Ricketts, UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office
  • Brigadier Ian Rigden, UK Ministry of Defence
  • Dr Liane Saunders, UK Cabinet Office
  • Prof Maria Stern, University of Gothenberg
  • Prof Odd Arne Westad, London School of Economics