During term, 60-70 graduate students and Programme associates attend CCW Seminars on a weekly basis. The long-running Tuesday lunchtime seminar series reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the programme: local and international speakers, drawn from a variety of disciplines, present research relating to the changing character of warfare. The bi-weekly Wednesday evening seminar series addresses a particular theme throughout the academic year, sometimes resulting in a published volume, such as British Generals in Blair’s Wars (Ashgate, 2013). In 2015-16, the theme of the series will be violent non-state groups, and seminars will focus on different non-state actors in conflict, including rebels, terrorist organisations, and militias.

Our annual public lectures attract audiences of over 400. Lecturers have included soldiers, academics, and statesmen who have had a significant impact on world events. Recent lecturers have included David Petraeus and David Kilcullen.

A PDF of our current term card is available here