In July 2017, CCW established a Russia research hub, led by Dr Andrew Monaghan. Since then, CCW has delved deep into a range of questions key to understanding Russia and its international role, from strategy, decision making and planning to military thinking and capability. CCW has been delighted to welcome numerous prominent international specialists in the field. Speakers have included Professor Dima Adamsky, Charles Bartles, Dr. Richard Connolly, Professor Julian Cooper, Dr Dmitri Gorenburg, Michael Kofman, Dr Nazrin Mehdiyeva, Johan Norberg, Dr Gudrun Persson, and Dr Katri Pynonniemi.

In addition to its regular Russia Brief and Russia reading list, CCW has also published an array of papers, including detailed research pieces on Russian maritime questions, defence expenditure and force modernisation, and the Russian reconnaissance-fire complex, as well as reflections on broader questions such as deterrence and grand strategy, and reviews of the latest books in the field.

The Russia research hub has built on CCW's focus since 2016 on the defence and security of Scandinavia, the Baltic and Eastern Europe, thanks of the generosity of the Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation for the Public Benefit.


Seminars & REPORTS


ISSUE 5: JUNE 2019

Andrew Monaghan
Russian Grand Strategy: Towards “Globally Integrated Operations”?

Nazrin Mehdiyeva
Energy Companies in Russia’s Global Integrated Operations

Alexander Kent
Mapping the World: Russian Military Mapping and Geographic Information Science

Michael Kofman
The Ogarkov Reforms: The Soviet Inheritance Behind Russia’s Military Transformation

Richard Connolly
The Russian Economy: From Unexpected Growth to Predictable Slowdown


issue 4: january 2019

Michael Kofman              
Rethinking the Structure and Role of Russia’s Airborne Forces

Nazrin Mehdiyeva           
Rosatom Set for Rapid Global Expansion

Richard Connolly             
The Russian Economy – Performance and Prospects

Julian Cooper                  
Some Aspects of Russia-China Military Cooperation

Henry Plater-Zyberk       
Review of Russia and China. The New Rapprochement. By Alexander Lukin. Polity Press, 2018.




Michael Kofman
Assessing Vostok-2018

Nazrin Mehdiyeva
Commercial Interests Underpin Rosneft’s Foreign Expansion in Refining

Richard Connolly
Measuring Russian Economic Power

Andrew Monaghan
The Strategic Priorities in Russian Military Thinking

Dmitry Gorenburg
Review of Renz, B. Russia’s Military Revival. Cambridge: Polity, 2018.


Russia Brief

issue 2: May 2018

Michael Kofman
The Durability of Russian Military Power: Moscow’s Prospects for Sustaining Direct Competition

Nazrin Mehdiyeva
Rosneft’s Dual Goals of Political Expediency and Profit

Richard Connolly
Playing it Safe: Continuity Through the “New” May Decrees and “New” Government

Julian Cooper
Arms Procurement in Russia: Some Challenging Issues

Andrew Monaghan
Review of Carleton, G. Russia: The Story of War. London: The Belknap Press of Harvard, 2017


Russia BRIEF

Michael Kofman
From Hammer to Rapier: Russian Military Transformation in Perspective

Nazrin Mehdiyeva           
Yamal LNG affirms Russia’s Determination and Political Prowess

Richard Connolly              
Russia’s Political Economy: A Slow and Uncertain Recovery

Emily Ferris                      
Review of Bacon, E. Inside Russian Politics. London: Biteback Publishers, 2017.

The Trump-Putin Relationship and the Implications for the Nordic-Baltic Region

Convened by the Oxford Changing Character of War Centre

Generously supported by the Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation

On 1 February 2017, the Changing Character of War Centre at the University of Oxford, in conjunction with the Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation, convened a round table discussion on the Trump-Putin Relationship and the Implications for the Nordic-Baltic Region. By bringing together government personnel, members of the armed services and academics from several countries, we were able to discuss, candidly, the trajectories of American and Russian policies and assess the likely impact on northern and eastern Europe, and on the United Kingdom. It is hoped that this will be part of a series of seminars on the theme of Nordic Baltic Defence. The report from the event is available here. Please note that the seminar was convened under the Chatham House Rule so names are not attributed to the record of the discussion and the deductions have been rendered with care, such that no individual can be identified.


Articles & Book Reviews