We currently aim to increase the number of Student Associates. We will set no specific parameters on their individual areas of research as long as they conform to one or more of our broad research themes outlined in the strategic research plan. Some suggested areas include:

  • Private Security Contractors, Risk, and Human Security
  • Rules of Engagement, Combatant Status, and the future Laws of Armed Conflict
  • Food and Water Security, and the Conflict Environment
  • Electronic and Digital Warfare
  • International Institutions and Limitations on Conflict
  • The Ethics of War

The following Student Associates are currently DPhil candidates at the University and working with CCW on common research interests:

Melissa L. Skorka is a Rotary Scholar and Research Associate of the Oxford Changing Character of War Programme. Previously, she completed four tours in Afghanistan, where she focused on security and governance initiatives in the ancestral homeland of Haqqani. Melissa last served in the ISAF Haqqani Fusion Cell as a Policy and Counterterrorism Advisor to General Joseph Dunford. She has continued her work on terror network adaptation and effective countermeasures in her doctoral research at Oxford.

Colonel Graham Fairclough retired from the British Army in 2013 in order to study for a DPhil in Cyber Security. Throughout his military career he served in intelligence and counter intelligence appointments at the tactical to strategic levels of operation. His last appointment was as the Chief of Staff to the UK’s Chief of Defence Intelligence. His research interests are in the cyber security implications on the future operating environment.

Todd Greentree is a practitioner and academic with extensive political-military experience. A former Foreign Service Officer, his assignments in five conflicts span from El Salvador in the early 1980’s to the final phase of the civil war in Angola to two tours in Afghanistan. Most recently, he served during 2010-11 as the Director of the Regional Command - South Initiatives Group in Kandahar. 

Jamie Collier is studying for a DPhil in Cyber security. His current research interests include public-private partnership, the role of civilian groups and the ways in which states mobilise various non-state actors to project power in the cyber domain. He also has previous work experience with the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence and PwC India.

Adam McCauley is a MPhil Candidate in the Department of Politics and International Relations. His current research looks at the relationship between group ideology and the use of violence, and is geographically focused on violent non-state groups in West and Central Africa. Before joining Oxford, Adam worked as an investigative journalist. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Time Magazine, The Atlantic, and The New Yorker. 

Alex Donnelly is a doctoral candidate at the Department of Anthropology, where his research examines the relationship between conflict and local-global cultural encounter in the Middle East and Central Asia. His DPhil draws upon fieldwork conducted while living in a village on the Afghan-Pakistan border, combined with several years living and working throughout the region. Alex studied Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at Cambridge and also holds a Masters in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School, where he was a Frank Knox Fellow. In addition to his work at CCW, Alex  is concurrently a Research Associate at Harvard Law School. Prior to his academic career Alex was commissioned as a Naval Intelligence Officer and served in Iraq.