Some 17 titles have now been published in the CCW series with Oxford University Press, including The Changing Character of War (2011). Books have been published by our CCW authors this academic year, including Robert Johnson The Great War and the Middle East and Sir John Kiszely’s highly topical Norway Campaign.

In the autumn of 2017 we will publish the next edition of the New Strategist Journal online, with a particular thematic emphasis on deterrence.

CCW has a dedicated Changing Character of War series with Oxford University Press in which more than 16 titles have been published.

Some 17 titles have now been published in the CCW series with Oxford University Press, including The Changing Character of War (2011). Books have been published by our CCW authors this academic year, including Robert Johnson The Great War and the Middle East and Sir John Kiszely’s highly topical Norway Campaign.

Programme staff and fellows have also published through other publishers, including Cambridge University Press, Hurst, Palgrave-Macmillan, Ashgate, and Helion. There are three recent Adelphi papers, published by the International Institute for Strategic Studies which embrace research conducted under the Programme’s auspices. 


Rob Johnson, T E Lawrence ‘of Arabia’ on War (London: Bloomsbury, due 2019).

This book explores Lawrence’s ideas on war, through theory and practice, and how they were applied to the ’desert war’ of 1916-1918, and subsequently how Lawrence’s ideas have been interpreted and used by Basil Liddell-Hart and others, up to the present.


Robert Johnson and Charles Townshend, (eds), Oxford History of Modern War, (Oxford University Press, new edition due 2019).


Robert Johnson and Janna Halaand Matlary, (eds), British Defence Policy: Coalitions, Alliances and Partnerships Post-Brexit, (Due 2018).

This volume brings together work on British, American and European defence policy, assessing the changes of the last decades and the developments that are anticipated in light of ‘Brexit’ from the European Union.


Robert Johnson and Timothy Clack, (eds), Before Military Intervention: Upstream Stabilisation, including chapter ‘Assessing the Upstream Strategic Environment’, (forthcoming, 2018).

This volume examines attempts by Western militaries to reconfigure their forces and missions in conflict prevention or the averting of destabilisation that could generate conflict. The concept of upstream stabilisation and persistent engagement reflects on previous attempts in stabilisation and analyses what is new about the current Western approach.


Robert Johnson and James Kitchen, (eds), The Great War in the Middle East: A Clash of Empires, forthcoming (London: Routledge, 2018), including chapter ‘British Strategy and the Middle East, 1878-1918’.

Johnson and Kitchen examine a variety of themes connected with the First World War as it affected the Middle East, the military campaigns, the strategies, as well as the changes and continuities of that conflict.

Books published and completed in Academic Year 2016-17

The Great War and the Middle East: A Strategic Study (Oxford University Press, 2016)

This volume, which commenced in 2012 and was published in 2016, is designed to highlight, on the anniversary of the Arab Revolt, the connection between strategy and operations for the British Empire, France and Ottoman Turkey, and the consequences of interaction, ‘friction’ and insurrection between 1914 and 1923. It was an archival-based research project, and one which made use of fresh Turkish materials alongside better known British and Commonwealth sources. The research has offered the opportunity to reflect not only on the First World War, but also more broadly on the drivers and consequences of conflict in the Middle East in the present. Critically it is about the making of strategy and its intervening challenges, from politics to the friction of tactical events.

True to Their Salt: Partnering Local Forces, 1750-2050

Following research that began in 2010, this book will be published in August 2017.

Other publications: 

The CCW Publications Series with Oxford University Press (a selection relevant to strategic studies)

The Direction of War: Contemporary Strategy in Historical Perspective

Hew Strachan

This volume is published with Cambridge, but it was based on essays developed by Professor Strachan while at CCW. It traces the misreading, misunderstanding and misapplication of strategy in recent conflicts, showing that the assumption that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan required ‘new’ approaches was inappropriate. He draws on historical analyses to highlight that greater discernment is required in what is new and what is not.

General Petraeus described it as ‘hugely thought-provoking’ and General Richards, the former CDS, thought it required reading for the understanding of contemporary strategy.


A Progressive Occupation?
The Gallieni-Lyautey Method and Colonial Pacification in Tonkin and Madagascar, 1885-1900

Michael P.M. Finch

15 August 2013 


How Fighting Ends: A History of Surrender

Holger Afflerbach, Hew Strachan

26 July 2012

The Afghan Way of War: Culture and Pragmatism: A Critical History

Rob Johnson


September 2011

The Changing Character of War

Hew Strachan, Sibylle Scheipers

12 May 2011

Refugees in International Relations

Alexander Betts, Gil Loescher

04 November 2010

The Evolution of Operational Art: From Napoleon to the Present

John Andreas Olsen, Martin van Creveld

04 November 2010

Jihad and Just War in the War on Terror
Alia Brahimi
28 October 2010

The United Nations Security Council and War: The Evolution of Thought and Practice since 1945
Vaughan Lowe, Adam Roberts
15 April 2010


The Philosophy of Jürgen Habermas: A Critical Introduction

Uwe Steinhoff

18 June 2009


Securing Civilization?: The EU, NATO and the OSCE in the Post-9/11 World

Alexandra Gheciu


7 August 2008

  Just and Unjust Warriors: The Moral and Legal Status of Soldiers

David Rodin, Henry Shue


17 July 2008


Preemption: Military Action and Moral Justification

Henry Shue, David Rodin


01 November 2007

Mercenaries: The History of a Norm in International Relations

Sarah Percy


11 October 2007


On the Ethics of War and Terrorism

Uwe Steinhoff



24 May 2007



Articles and Chapters Published in 2016-17

‘Future Stabilization Strategy and the Changing Upstream Environment’ in Defence Studies 2017(1), special edition (Anderson, Clack & Johnson, eds).

‘Doing More with Less: The Army Patrols Upstream’, with Dr Timothy Clack, British Army Review, (2016)

‘‘‘I Shall Die Arms in Hand, Wearing the Warriors’ Clothes’’: Mobilisation and Initial Operations of the Indian Army in France and Flanders, 1914-1915’, British Journal of Military History, II, 3, (2016): 1-16.

‘Sideshows to Strategic Victory: Defeating Germany, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire in South East Europe, Asia and Africa in 1918’ in Peter Liddle, (ed), Britain and Victory in the Great War (London: Pen and Sword, 2017)

‘Counter-Revolution or People’s War? The Mujahideen Insurgency’, (Helmut-Schmidt Univeristaet, 2016)

‘Making Strategy and the Changing Character of War’, RUSI Journal, 2017.

‘The Non-European Fronts, 1918’ in Matthias Strohn, Winning and Losing the First World War, 1918 (London: Osprey, 2017)

‘British Strategy and the Imperial Axis in the Middle East, 1914-1918’, in Rob Johnson and James Kitchen (eds), The First World War in the Middle East (London: Routledge, 2018)

‘The Enigma of Aqaba’, publisher to be confirmed.