2016-17 was a year of greater collaboration with other institutions, including a visit to the United States to participate in the partnered New America conference.
These institutional links are the outcome of a key feature of the programme’s work - the hosting of Visiting Research Fellows and Research Associates.

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CCW has a number of experts working as permanent Research Associates at alongside our team of Core Staff. 

The CCW programme has been pleased to engage with the work of the Development Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC) which is based at Shrivenham. The CCW programme has conducted Strategy Forum events, provided interns and offered bespoke support on preparations for doctrine and concept materials, including The Future Operating Concept, (2016) and preparation of Global Strategic Trends 6, a flagship piece of work by DCDC. The Director has assisted the Standing Joint Forces Headquarters, SHAPE, the Royal Netherlands Armed Forces, the US Army, the Royal Air Force and the British Army with work on operations and transformation.

‘Big challenges face our world today: from pioneering new cures to se ing society- shaping policies, from creating new energy sources to determining modern ethics. At Oxford University we’re passionate about the creation and impact of our knowledge and how, in partnership, we can apply this to real challenges’
— Professor Ian Walmsley FRS, Pro-Vice-Chancellor