The new politics of Russia: Interpreting change

Andrew Monaghan, CCW Visiting Fellow, has just published a new book looking at why we tend to get Russia wrong - and are surprised by it - and how we might go about thinking about it. 

From the conflict in Syria to the crisis in Ukraine, Russia continues to
dominate the headlines. Yet the political realities of contemporary Russia are poorly understood by Western observers and policy-makers. In this highly engaging book, Andrew Monaghan explains why we tend to misunderstand Russia and the importance of 'getting Russia right'. Exploring in detail the relationship between the West and Russia, he charts the development of relations and investigates the causes of the increasingly obvious sense of strategic dissonance. He also considers the evolution in Russian domestic politics, introducing influential current figures and those who are forming the leadership and opposition of the future. By delving into the depths of difficult questions such as the causes of the Ukraine crisis or the political protests surrounding the 2011-12 elections, the book offers a dynamic model for understanding this most fascinating and elusive of countries.

For further information or to purchase the book, please the Manchester University Press website