The Changing of the Guards by Simon Akam

William Heinemann has announced the acquisition of The Changing of the Guards by Oxford CCW Visiting Fellow Simon Akam. Editorial Director Tom Avery bought UK and Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) at auction from Patrick Walsh at Convulse & Walsh.

The Changing of the Guards is an explosive, intimate, authoritative account of the British Army and of its recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, based on exclusive interviews, rigorous research and on-the-ground reporting. Moving from early 2003 when troops resprayed their Challenger tanks desert-yellow in preparation for the invasion of Iraq to the final departure from Camp Bastion in late 2014, and from the murder of Lee Rigby to the advent of the YouTube war film, it will explore how the modern military works, where it’s gone wrong, and what that means for British society. 

‘This is a book which needs to be written and need to be read… a vital contribution towards our understanding of the reason for and the implications of profound change in this most important of national institutions.’ Patrick Hennessy, author of The Junior Officers’ Reading Club.