Six of the books in the OUP Changing Character of War series are direct products of CCW conferences – those on the Laws of Armed Conflict, Clausewitz, Pre-emption, Just and Unjust Warriors, the UN Security Council, Prisoners in War, the History of Surrender, the Changing Character of War, and considerations of policy and strategy At The End of Military Intervention. Other conferences and workshops have resulted in the publication of new doctrine, independent volumes, including one on Combat and Cohesion, and articles or chapters, including the partnering of indigenous forces, in True to Their Salt. Recent international conferences have included a symposium on ‘Civil-Military Relations in the Making of Strategy’ in September 2014, which brought together British, American, Canadian, New Zealand, and Dutch academics and senior military personnel (including Defence Attachés); and ‘Frontline: Combat and Cohesion in Iraq and Afghanistan’, which considered battlefield performance of today’s professional forces, particularly in contrast to the citizen armies of the 20th century. The principal organizer was Professor Anthony King of Exeter University and a Visiting Fellow of CCW.