Members of the CCW Programme have published outstanding work that is of direct policy relevance to defence and strategy both in the UK and internationally.

CCW members’ articles have appeared in the world’s leading journals of strategic studies, including the Journal of Strategic Studies; Survival; and International Affairs. Articles concerning strategy have also appeared in the publications of strategic studies institutions, in Parameters, Journal of the Royal United Services Institute and Strategique. Articles on strategic themes have also been published in leading historical journals including the Journal of Military History, and Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History. Articles by CCW members that impacted upon strategic studies have also appeared in: Ethics and International Affairs; Proceedings of the Royal Society; Security Studies; and Political Insight.

Commentaries and insights by CCW members have featured in the proceedings and policy papers of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, the International Institute for Strategic Studies (Adelphi Papers), and Chatham House. There have been numerous articles in the media, including The National Interest and leading British and American newspapers, and CCW members have appeared on radio and television.