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Dr Andrew Monaghan is the Director of Research on Russia and Northern European Defence and Security at the Oxford Changing Character of War Centre at Pembroke College. He is also a Senior Associate of Pembroke College and an Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Government and Society at the University of Birmingham. Additionally, he is Commissioning Editor of the NATO Defence College's Russian Studies series.

He has previously held positions as Senior Research Fellow in the Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House (2013-April 2017) and leading the Russia related research in the Research Division of the NDC (2006-2012). In this role, he was also the NDC’s senior researcher on energy security matters. Additionally, he was Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the INSS in the National Defence University, Washington, D.C. from 2016-2017. He has also served as an expert witness to several parliamentary committees including the UK’s National Security Strategy Committee, the House of Commons Defence and Foreign Affairs Select Committees, and NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly.

He is widely published, and is the author of the books Power in Modern Russia: Strategy and Mobilisation, (MUP, 2017), The New Politics of Russia – Interpreting Change (MUP, 2016) and The Elements of Impact. Making Your Point in Public Speaking and Writing (2015). His new book, Dealing with the Russians, will be published by Polity in April 2019. He received his PhD in Russian foreign policy (Russian perspectives of Russia-EU security relations) from the Department of War Studies, King’s College, from where he also obtained an MA in War Studies, graduating with the Simon O’Dwyer Russell prize.


Books and edited volumes

  • Power in Modern Russia: Strategy and Mobilisation. Manchester University Press: September 2017.

  • The New Politics of Russia: Interpreting Change. Manchester University Press: 2016.

  • The Elements of Impact. Making Your Point in Public Speaking and Writing. Oxford: Conflict Studies Research Centre, 2015.

  • Editor, The Indivisibility of Security: Russia and Euro-Atlantic Security. Forum Paper No.13. Rome: NATO Defence College, January 2010

    • Author of introductory chapter

  • Co-Editor, with Guseinov, V. Velikobritaniya i Rossiya [Great Britain and Russia] Moscow: ISOA, 2008. Editor of English language versions

    • The UK and Russia – A Troubled Partnership. Part I. Conflict Studies Research Centre Paper 07/17, Swindon: CSRC, May 2007

    • The UK and Russia – A Troubled Partnership. Part II. Rome: NATO Defence College, 2009

    • Author of Introductory chapter “The UK & Russia – a Divergent Relationship”


Academic and other peer-reviewed publications

  • Preparing for War? Moscow Facing an Arc of Crisis, Letort Paper, US Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute, December 2016

  • Russian State Mobilization: Moving the Country onto a War Footing, Chatham House Research Paper, May 2016.

  • The ‘War’ in Russia’s ‘Hybrid Warfare’”, Parameters, 45:4, Winter 2015-16.

  • A “New Cold War”? Abusing History, Misunderstanding Russia, Chatham House Research Paper, May 2015.

  • Defibrillating the Vertikal: Putin and Russian Grand Strategy, Chatham House Research Paper, October 2014

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Specialist & public policy articles

  • “Russia Wants the West to Learn to Agree”, Chatham House Expert Comment, 21 December 2016.

  • “What to Know About Russia’s Parliamentary Elections”, Chatham House Expert Comment, 12 September 2016.

  • “Putin’s Removal of Ivanov as Chief of Staff is More About Rejuvenation”, Chatham House Expert Comment, 15 August 2016.

  • “No Going Back to Business as Usual for NATO and Russia”, Chatham House Expert Comment, 25 April 2016.

  • “Mobilizovannie i prizvannie. Duga kriziza i otvet Rossii”, Russia in Global Affairs, 24 November 2015.

  • “US Should Resist Calls to Arm Ukraine”, Chatham House Expert Comment, 23 July 2015.

  • “West Must Get Real – There is No New Cold War”, The Moscow Times, 8 June 2015.

  • “Strategic Implications of the Evolving Shanghai Cooperation Organisation”, (Co-authored with Henry Plater-Zyberk), The Letort Papers, US Army War College Press: Strategic Studies Institute, August 2014

  • “NATO and the crisis in Ukraine”, The European Leadership Network Comment, August 2014

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  • Russian Oil and the EU’s Energy Security, Conflict Studies Research Centre, Document 05/65, 11/2005

  • Russian Perspectives of Russia-EU Security Relations, Conflict Studies Research Centre, Document 05/38, 08/2005

 Recent book reviews

  • Times Literary Supplement, “Huge Collective Mind”, 23 December 2016.

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